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"I"Informar es Cuidar" (Informing is Caring) arises from the urgent need for comprehensive sexual education in Honduras. The alarming statistics of high rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the country drove the creation of this initiative.
We fundamentally believe in the transformative power of education and are committed to empowering the next generation.


Informar es Cuidar (Informing is Caring) is a campaign driven by a collective action community in Honduras: Nosotras Lideramos (We Lead), which is committed to advocating for the voices of young people. We Lead is an innovative and impactful program that seeks to strengthen the influence and position of young women whose sexual and reproductive health and rights are underserved.


The mission of Informar es Cuidar is to invite mothers, fathers, caregivers, and the education system to support the introduction of comprehensive sexual education in Honduran schools, as a complement to home education. Our goal is to secure a brighter future for the youth of Honduras.


We envision a Honduras where young people receive comprehensive sexual education both in schools and at home, safeguarding them through knowledge to make informed and healthy decisions.

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